Adrafinil Review – Mental alertness, Clarity what else?

Adrafinil Reviews – Before moving towards the introduction of Adrafinil, let see what people are saying about it:

  • It works perfectly to improve mental and physical alertness – A Youtube comment.
  • I used to take 300mg and trust me, it works- said by a worker.
  • It is a pro supplement, and working of this drug depends on the dose.- a patient said.
  • Daily usage of this drug will build tolerance with the time – a user said.
  • A friend of mine recommends this drug, and I am totally satisfied with its results.
  • I am a student, and I have been using this drug for 4 months. It really works best to increase energy and focus. – Reddit commenter.
  • Adrafinil is a wonder drug for me. – Reddit user.
  • I have been more alert and productive at work due to this drug- Reddit user.
  • This drug is best to decrease sleepiness and stay alert for more period of time- Reddit user.

Introduction to Adrafinil Reviews

Adrafinil is a drug that is used to raise the level of central nervous system activity.

It is widely used in the geriatric population to relieve excessive sleep and lack of concentration. It is used to provide the boost that you need. But this drug is not recommended to be taking daily. [1]

It is used to boost alertness, positive thoughts, attention, and to decrease the sleepiness and inattention. This drug was made for those who work at night to relieve their fatigue.

Those who work at night use this to stay awake and alert for a longer duration. Adrafinil is considered as a nootropic agent. It is a prodrug that is metabolized in vivo to Modafinil. The trade name of Adrafinil Olmifon.

This drug was discovered in 1974, and it was first given to humans in 1977-1978. After its experiment on a human later on in 1984, it was reached in the market for the treatment of narcolepsy. Furthermore, in 1976 Modafinil was discovered.

Adrafinil is a stimulant, but it has no effect on activity, nor does it cause hyperactivity. This drug fights with the sleepiness and makes the person awake for a longer period of time. This drug is not advised to take for a longer period of time.

Adrafinil drug works to improve cognitive abilities, but Modafinil is widely used these days to increase cognitive ability.

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil increases the concentration level, focus, alertness, mood, motivation, reaction time, memory, and increase the brain activity level.


It has so many cognitive benefits. Adrafinil nootropics increases the ability of the brain to process information, learn new things, and stay alert for a longer period of time. It fights with sleep disorders.

The Adrafinil works perfectly for those who feel drowsiness in the day time. It is widely used by the people to fight with sleep, fatigue and to increase the energy level.

Adrafinil also boosts the brain capacity of learning new things, fast processing of information, and the digestion process. [2]

Adrafinil is the supplement that you need to regulate the daily tasks perfectly. It is converted by the liver into Modafinil. Due to the high potency of Modafinil, one needs the prescription.

The half-life of Adrafinil is one hour. This drug primarily considered as a stimulant, but it does not lead to hyperactivity or any other side effects.

 It helps to increase the attention time and resolve the sleeping problems. It boosts the neurotransmitters that ultimately increase wakefulness and alertness. One has to take it at the beginning of the day or when your work time starts.

Adrafinil is the rosy beige powder with a slight odor. The molecular weight of Adrafinil is 289.3. The melting point of this compound is 154C.

Effects of Adrafinil on the Body

Adrafinil is best to treat the deficits in arousal, increase behavioral activities, mild depression, and memory. It increases the spontaneous movement and locomotor activity.

The effect of Adrafinil is time-dependent. It is a wake-promoting drug for sure.

Adrafinil is a drug that can easily change into another drug; that’s why it is called prodrug. This drug is used to improve focus and mood.

Adrafinil and Modafinil effects on body and brain

Mostly people called Adrafinil a smart drug due to its effects on mood, sleep, and mind. Adrafinil is for those who have a high workload and who have to work day and night. One can say that this drug is used by entrepreneurs.

Some people love this drug due to its incredible effects, while some get irritated with this drug. Most people get beneficial effects of Adrafinil.

The reason for the bad effects is the dosage. Make sure to get the proper dose of Adrafinil in order to get beneficial results. [3]

It is a stimulating drug that increases brain activity. It is a useful supplement for those who need to learn new tasks daily, tough tasks, mentally demanding activity. 300mg of this drug is best to use in order to increase activity, decrease sleepiness, boost mind, and alertness.

This drug is a precursor to the Modafinil. The hyperactivity of Adrafinil occurs if you use 50-300 mg for more than 2-3 months.

How Adrafinil Nootropic Works?

Adrafinil works in two different ways.

  • Firstly, Adrafinil suppresses the chemical response of our body that leads to “fight or flight” mode by simply increasing the production of hypocretin.
  • Hypocretin is the neurotransmitter that works to make you awake and alert. That’s why it is used to treat narcolepsy ( a condition in which a person falls asleep easily for a longer period of time due to a lack of hypocretin in the brain).
  • Adrafinil increases the brain’s ability to generate hypocretin and produce other neurotransmitters that work to increase the mental and physical energy levels. Thus in return, the person will feel alertness for a longer period of time.
  • It boosts the level of dopamine that is the happy hormone in your body. Due to an increase in dopamine levels, the person feels happiness and pleasure response increases.
  • It works to regulate glutamate receptors. That’s why people use this nootropic drug to increase their cognitive functionality.
  • Glutamate receptors are important to regulate neural communication, learning, and regulation.
  • Glutamate is important to improve memory and cognitive performance. Thus Adrafinil works by hindering the breakdown of this amino acid.
  • The working of Adrafinil starts after 60 minutes if you take it empty stomach, but the full effects come in 90-120 minutes mostly. Generally, the drug takes hours to produce the effects.
  • It works mainly on your adrenergic system.
  • Adrafinil drug supports adrenergic neurotransmitters.
  • It causes the rapid release of adrenaline that, in return, increases alertness and energy.
  • It triggers the production of histamine, norepinephrine, and dopamine.
  • The breakdown of glutamate leads to an increase in brain activity.

Benefits Of Adrafinil

Here are the benefits of Adrafinil that you must know

1) Alertness

  • It increases the attention and focuses level.
  • It is a wonderful and powerful tool to increase the concentration level.
  • Adrafinil increases alertness and decreases the feeling of sleepiness.
  • Though the half-life of Adrafinil is short, it converts into Modafinil that has longer half-life and effects.
  • Avoid the misconception that it causes hyper activeness. There is quite a difference between hyperactivity and alertness. It promotes alertness and increases concentration rather than hyper activeness.
  • It becomes Modafinil. Naturally, that’s why there is a similarity between these two drugs.
  • It increases the ability to focus more and stay awake/ alert for a longer period of time.

2) Mental Activity

  • Adrafinil Nootropic has visible yet positive effects on mental activity.
  • It increases the ability of a person to learn new tasks.
  • It boosts brain activity and neurotransmitters.
  • Adrafinil improves mood and mental clarity. It helps to remove confusion and mild depression.
  • It increases the cognitive function of a person.

3) Sleepiness

  • It causes anti-sleep effects.
  • This drug work perfectly to increase wakefulness by fighting sleepiness.

4) Stamina/Attention/Memory

  • This drug work perfectly to enhance memory.
  • It works to increase motivation and energy levels.
  • This drug is important for those who work day and night or in competitive fields.
  • This is ideal for those who want to retain information in their mind for a longer period of time.
  • It releases adrenaline when a person is in stress that will turn into boosting your mind and alertness.
  • Adrafinil supplements improves the short term memory plus the reaction time of a person.
  • This drug is also known as a wakefulness agent due to its effect on sleepiness, stamina, and memory.
  • It boosts energy and increases the stamina of a person.

5) Antidepressant

  • It improves the aging effect and neurodegenerative disorders.
  • It has a positive effect on patients who are facing depression.
  • Adrafinil works as an antidepressant in most people.
  • It lowers depression and decreases apathy.
  • It works naturally by increasing the dopamine level, neurotransmitters to make the mind alert. By taking the exact dose of Adrafinil, one can stay focused for a longer period of time. It boosts the synapse plasticity, the leads to better memory performance.

Side Effects Of Adrafinil

Here are the side effects of Adrafinil:

  • It leads to headaches.
  • It may cause dizziness and insomnia.
  • The Adrafinil dosage might have a bad effect on your stomach.
  • It causes nausea.
  • Loss of appetite is also a side effect of taking this drug regularly.
  • It has a bad effect on the liver, as it increases the liver enzyme counts.
  • Due to its effect on decrease sleep, the person may face insomnia.
  • Regular or longer period of using this drug could cause liver damage.
  • The effect of Adrafinil on the liver is similar to Tylenol.
  • Avoid using Adrafinil with other drugs and alcohol.
  • But if you stick to the right dosage of Adrafinil, then you must not worry about the side effects.
  • The good news is it has no major side effects.
  • Avoid this drug if you are already facing any liver-related complication.
  • If you are alcoholic, then don’t use Adrafinil as alcohol already has a worse effect on the liver. Adding adrafinil along with the alcohol usage might cause liver issues.
  • Drink a lot of water to avoid urine complications.
  • Using Adrafinil may lead to smell in urine.
  • To avoid liver damage, use milk thistle along with the Adrafinil dosage.

How To Use Adrafinil

An effective dosage is that which produces desire effects per time. The daily dosage of Adrafinil recommended is 150 to 300mg.

Adrafinil Dosage

If you are using this drug first time, then make sure to start it with 150mg. Increase the dose with the passage of time.

The benefit of starting the drug with the lower dose is that one can get more effects for a longer period without building tolerance for the drug. Use the drug with a glass of water.

Avoid taking it with alcohol or any other drink. [4]

If you are allergic to taking the drugs orally as in swallowing it, then there is another solution for you. Cut the capsule and put it into glass mix some water in it and drink.

The powder in the capsule is soluble in water, so one can easily take it along with water. To avoid the side effects, make sure to get the dose as recommended.

Adrafinil comes in the form of powder.

Don’t shift the dosage from 300 to 600 mg as it will decrease the benefits and increase the adverse effect of the drug. A high dose of Adrafinil leads to the point where fewer compounds will be available to metabolize.

Take this tablet right after waking up. It is recommended to take this drug on an empty stomach. Taking the drug after eating or after having lunch/dinner will decrease the benefits of it. Instead of using it, regularly take the drug on a weekly basis.

Let suppose you took it for 2 weeks now get an off for a week and then start if after a week. Use it once daily after waking up.

Where To Buy Adrafinil

This drug is available online at different pharmacies. But make sure to consult with your doctor before buying it.

Thus one can buy it without prescription through online platforms. Moreover, there are so many well-known stores where this drug is available.

Before ordering this drug, make sure that the company from which you are getting this must be reliable. As there are so many companies, who are offering fake drugs. So make sure to order it from the authentic stores.

There are so many fake sellers who are selling drugs that have worse effects.

Thus before ordering it, first check the GMP certified facility, company reviews and then move towards ordering it.

General FAQS About Adrafinil

People also ask about Adrafinil

Q1. How faster it works?

A. it might take 60-90 minutes if you take it on an empty stomach; otherwise, after ingestion, the effects could be visible after 120 minutes.

Q2. What is the dose of Adrafinil one must take?

A.  It is recommended to take 300mg per day. But some patients may take 600mg per day to get more benefits. Well, it will be beneficial if you start it from the low dosage.

Q3. Is it safe to use this drug on a daily basis?

A. it is safe to use until you stick to the dose that is recommended. Using it for a longer period and high dose for a long period of time may lead to side effects.

Q4. Where to buy this drug?

A.  Get this drug from any reputable online company or purchase it from your nearby store where it is available.

Q5. What happens if you take the overdose?

A. If you get the dose more than recommended that it could lead to adverse liver effects, rapid heart rate, anxiety, insomnia. But luckily, no death has been reported due to overdose of Adrafinil. [5]

Q6. Adrafinil a stimulant. Is it true?

A. Yes, this drug works as a stimulant but does not cause hyperactivity.

Q7. Is Adrafinil helps to keep you awake?

A. it reduces the sleepiness and makes the person awake for a longer duration of time.  Those who are not having sleep disorders must not take this drug.

Q8. For how long can one stay awake with this drug?

A. it helps the person to stay awake for 7-10 hours.

Q9. What is the maximum time for Adrafinil to stay in your system?

A. it stays in the body for 10-12 hours. But in some patients, it may stay for more than 14 hours.

Q10. Is it works with weight loss?

A.  There is no as much effect of Adrafinil to lose your weight. But the loss of appetite is one of its side effects that may lead to weight loss in some people. Secondly, it gives you more energy that ultimately increases the work time. So working for more duration may cause the fat burn and eventually weight loss.

Q11. How it affects your brain?

A. Adrafinil stimulates the neurotransmitters, increases dopamine and serotonin.

Q12. Is Adrafinil leads to high BP?

A. No, it has no connection with the increase in BP.

Q13. Is Adrafinil is as beneficial as Modafinil?

A. both have similar effects on your body. Modafinil is the second product of Adrafinil has it has more half-life thus works for a longer duration of time.

Q14. Does Adrafinil leads to an increase in dopamine?

A. Yes, Adrafinil has a positive effect on dopamine. It increases dopamine production and stops the inhibition of it.

Q15. Does Adrafinil make you high?

A. it does not make you high or hyperactive. But due to the increase in dopamine, it makes you happy, excitable, and full of energy.

Q16. Adrafinil bad for your liver. Is it true?

A. Yes, the overdose of this drug may lead to an increase in enzyme production at the liver. That’s why it should not be taken for a longer period of time.

Q17. What is the best brand for this drug?

A. here are the few brands that are authentic and best for sure:

  • Double wood.
  • Peak nootropics.
  • Nootropics source.
  • Pure nootropics.
  • Absorb health, and the list goes on

Q18. Is Adrafinil a natural drug?

A. It is not obtained naturally through any source.

Q19. Is Adrafinil improves mood?

A. Yes, it has the best effect on your mood. Due to the release of dopamine, it works perfectly to enhance your mood.

Q20. Adrafinil increases the alertness. How?

A. it increases the brain activity level and neurotransmitters. Thus the brain will stay alert and make the patient awake for a longer period of time.

Q21. Is it okay to use it with alcohol?

A. Big No!! don’t use it along with the alcohol. It leads to worse liver effects and causes severe damage.

Q22. Why don’t we use it along with Alcohol?

A. Alcohol already has a bad effect on liver functioning. Thus taking the drug along with the alcohol could lead to double side effects on the liver.

Q23. Is it safe to use it empty stomach?

A. it is highly recommended to use the drug right after waking up in the morning.


This supplement is used to treat sleep disorders. It increases the Modafinil concentration in the body as it changes into Modafinil in the liver. It improves memory, brain functioning, attention., focus level, and alertness.

Modafinil or Adrafinil both serves as the antagonist. It fights with fatigue, sleep, and increases the brain’s capacity to think, work, and alert for more periods of time.

Adrafinil affects the central nervous system. It should be taken a right after waking up in the morning.

Avoid using it in the afternoon. It helps to decrease sleep and used to treat the daytime sleepiness. Adrafinil is a nootropic drug that means it increases cognitive functioning. The Adrafinil gets active by converting naturally to Modafinil in the body.

Adrafinil recommended dose is 300mg. To avoid the worse effect, make sure to take the appropriate dosage per day.